Sunset in Cape Coral, 5318 Sands Blvd.

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Your way to Cape Coral
Cape Coral
Weather in Cape Coral

            - Ft. Myers Beach
            - Sanibel and Captiva Island
            - Matlacha
            - Pine Island
            - Everglades
            - Naples
            - Key West
            - Orlando


Florida is known as a paradise of nature, as the sunshine state with thousands of palms and with a coast line close to 2000 miles between two oceans. Especially Southwest Florida is an adorable land with dolphins, manatees, turtles, pelicans, flamingos and countless species of fishes and shells. 

White sand beaches as far as you can look. Mangroves, palms and the tamed savagery of the Everglades will make your journey to this green and tropical paradise to an unforgettable adventure. Youīll experience a variety of possibilities for your excursions you hardly find somewhere else. Needless to say that Florida is also a paradise for those of you who like all kind of watersport. And not to forget the impressive sunsets at the Florida coast.

Enjoy your vacation in Florida! 


Your way to Cape Coral

The nearest airport to Cape Coral is the Southwest Florida International Airport in Ft. Myers. Many airlines have a direct connection to Ft. Myers. Click on the link and you can look for your most convenient airline and flight connection

Book your rental car at the airport and drive to Cape Coral in as little as 25 minutes.


Info about Cape Coral

Cape Coral - itīs just paradise, Slogan of the town at the Gulf of Mexico Cape Coral, itīs just paradise ! This slogan of this idyllic town in Southwest Florida at the Gulf of Mexico is truely reality. The climate is not only enjoyable, itīs also healthy. 

Cape Coral has been founded in 1957. Today it offers you on round about 120 square miles more than 400 miles canals. Instead of skyscrapers youīll find nice and comfortable villas with pools and boat docks, palms and the whole year blooming plants. Everything is embellished on a grand scale and is away from busy highways. Nevertheless you can reach supermarkets in minutes, where some of them are opened around the clock.

Despite itīs rapid growth, Cape Coral has maintained the flair of a little town. The criminal rate is the lowest to comparable towns in the US, which contributes to the high  quality of life. 

You have the opportunity - starting at your villa - to drive with a boat to the Caloosahatchee River and to cross Florida up to the East Coast on the Intercoastal Waterway; or you drive to the Gulf of Mexico and discover beaches, which you only can reach by boat.

And last but not least you have plenty of possibilities to do any kind of sport activities: Tennis, Golf, Golf and another time Golf. Cape Coral has wonderful 18-hole courses and countless additional courses nearby. There are over 40 parks for recreation, picknicking, swimming and enjoying life. 
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Weather in Cape Coral:

Florida has about 330 sunny days per year. The weather is very steady and you donīt even notice seasonal changes. In the summer time almost every day youīll have short and refreshing showers. 
For more information on the current weather in Cape Coral 



Ft. Myers Beach

Ft. Myers Beach is a centre for watersport action. A huge beach is awaiting you with a special flair and a lot of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. In the evening you can watch the sunset from the great pier and from time to time dolphins are visiting Ft. Myers Beach.

Sanibel and Captiva Island

These 2 islands are a dream and let the Caribbean become redundant. Spacious beaches with white sand, 400 different species of shells make this islands to a paradise on earth for old and young people. Look for and be amazed by the villas of the super rich or just relax at the beaches.


Caribbean flair with wood cottages, yachting harbour and seafood-restaurants. Dreamy island on the way to "Pine Island". Slow down and relax. Simple houses, campgrounds and nice people define the look and feel of this little town. Marinas and bait-shops provide you with everything you need for boating and fishing. The north of Matlacha is know for its good fishing grounds.

Pine Island

One of the "Barrier Islands" in front of Cape Coral. Also here everything is a bit slower and more simple than in Cape Coral. In the south of the island there are fantastic properties directly at the coast line with sail boats or big yachts on the canal behind the house. The best fish you can eat in the waterfront-restaurant at the end of the street.


Just a few miles away the Everglades start, Floridas huge nature protection area. Here you definitely should take an "Airboat-Ride". You drive on a boat with an air propeller through the marsh and look for alligators, racoons and - when you are lucky - manatees.


Naples has everything that Cape Coral has, just more expensive. Itīs more the town for the high society. Exclusive boutiques in luxury shopping streets are waiting for well situated customers. It is worth a trip. 

Key West

Driving to Key West by car is an adventure. Youīll drive over the Keys and the endless "Seven-Mile-Bridge". You can also go by boat to Key West starting in Ft. Myers (SeaKeyWestExpress). In Key West caribbean flair welcomes you to the most southern point of the United States. When the evening has come, Key West awakes and you can see musicians and jugglers in the streets are dance with live music in one of the countless bars and discotheques.


The homeland of Micky Mouse is an attraction you must see. Only 2,5 hours away from Cape Coral. An ideal combination with a stay in our villa.
More information about Orlando you can get by using a search engine like Google and then enter "Orlando".